American elections & World War III

The 2022 development year has been extremly critic for the US politic system. However, more than a democrat must still be sourprised – it´s that the russian invasion in Ukraine has closed all differences in the Capitolio. Joe Biden has become the leader of a big american OTANIST movement; republicans believe that he has the key to direct the EU under american flags.

But what in the surface shows peace, deepfully procceses new combats, it´s that there´s not agreement about the war politics that the USA should carry to Pekin. Yesteday, the Financial Times newspaper has shown with extrem detail how capital earnings in China belong in truth to a big conglomeration of foreing countries, specially to the now called `allies´, it is France, England, Deutschland, US, in the end… the NATO. If China moves to Putin, says the reporters – ´sanctions would be catastrofics for all the international economic system´. In the last ten years, all the big countries have moved enormeus part of its manoufactures all around the chinese state, where salaries are really lower. Apple herself has its biggest industry near Hong Kong. By the way, the republicans have had a ´double politics´ in the last two weeks, on one side, they asked the urgently end of COVID restrictions imposed to stop the new Omicron wave in Hong Kong and Shenzeng, on the other, they have made know to the Congress that they recomend american enterpresies to go away right now from China. This war declaration isn´t still oficial but if it´s about following Biden politics, he will follow every trumpist request.

In the interin, the war makes costs climb up all around the world and America is not an exception. Before the first COVID year thousand of new workers have been contracted under new conditions, for example, no vacations or no salary per hour. The unemployment crisis has been a tool for the US goverment to advance against jobs conditions; strikes all around New York, nourses against the thousand of pandemics deaths, all the claims have found in the democrats another war declaration.

In this situation, elections seem so far but they´re so near. Biden will go on with the trumpist reform in what new restrictions will be aplied and new zones will be marked to have special cuantity of electors. It should be said that democrats are giving in present the United State Congress to republicans but it wouldn´t be truth at all, because pandemic crisis has given a definite hit to trumpists and black protest are coming back all around the country. Workers need our own politic against the international war; and the national one too.

Joe Stephen