Brazil | Civil war results

The national elections development in Brazil, ofcourse, has been carefully looked in the USA and in some way it has included a very little fire stop in the TANO´s against Russia war or at least on its burocratical negociations. It´s remarkable that Brazil had been included as a BRIC country in last ten years paying attention, above all, to its oil market and production. The BRIC qualification had been impulsed from oil international companies and had meant a giant open of Brazilian economy to banks credits and international transactions that became not only in inversions but in financial corruption too. A group presented as a workers party had been on the head of this movement. If Russia had had with Putin a capitalist reopen, in Brazil, Lula Da Silva lead its deepening. Brazil was a way for international nineteens crisis not to become catastrophic at all but  never Lula could really stop a big mass movement which historical characteristics had its heart in the Sem Terra Movement and new trade unions. In 2013, the same mass movement that lead him to the power began to say him goodbye in the streets. Militars used this protests to advance in a coup. For Latin American working class history, Brazilian working class history itself has advanced slow but deeply, in some way, yesterday Bolsonaro´s defeat has that historical meaning against  slavery laws, deforestation and genocide. On its limits, it must be ubicated in the chilenian revolution era started in 2019.

Ofcourse Lula´s capitalist plans have serious limits on its own history but also on its own present. Maybe electoral polarization separated for some weeks Brazilian truth from a world in war and a hungry continent. But only one day was enough at all to show that also Brazil is divided in tens of capitalist groups with different interests. It´s easy to look at the monday financial movements when a 8 % fall of Petrobras actions couldn´t at all stop a risen tendency lead by privaty education. The CO6N3 group that quotes in BOVESPA (Brazilian financial market) is a group of international investors headed by the World Bank and in only five hours of the Monday it rised 5 points of the market. It is expectable that Lula will accord its financing with international organisms in which they call an educational Brazilian transformation. The education way is a crucial point in TANO´s negociations with Putin because in Russia it doesn´t exist today a significative private universitary system. This group had been the same that accompanied Bolsonaro in its anti quarantine politics in 2020 and now they support a populist politic that saves its existence.

Surprisingly (or not) Rafael Cervone who is the president of the Sao Paulo industrial association – today – gave its congratulations to Lula when – as everybody knows – Bolsonaro himself and his winner government in this state hasn´t still admitted the results. For international mediums Cervone declared that he waits from Lula´s presidency the transformation of Sao Paulo in the aerea terminal transport of the continent at the same way that he refuses China´s inversions in Brazilian energy and oil because ´Brazil must become a world leader´. Everyone knows that behind Cervone´s national interest it is hided American, European, Ukrainian and bidenist´s interests. Brazilian skyway had been during COVID worst moments in a war zone for supplies, respirators and vacunes and it will be in the next years for petroleum and alternative minerals, the same ones that are being looked for in the called´blue Amazonia´, a 230 000 km maritime zone that hasn´t still been penetrated by international mining. Sao Paulo is itself a war city or, at least, a city where capitalists from all over the world fight for their supremacy. In all the country China had invested 66 000 millions u$s of the ones 44 000 millions had Sao Paulo as its destiny. Bolsonaro´s victory here announced states lifts against the central power the same that different states rebelled against Bolsonaro and Donal Trump in 2020.

Going on with Cervone declarations but in another way – the most important for us – he is clear when he says that Bolsonaro had been really unable to develop the ´needed laboral reforms´. He cries because only (dixit.) 400 000 workers had been included between the new IT plans, it is, its inclusion in a new way of conventions in the ones workers are included between an international working way, where their salaries can been stablished by dollars resources and – if necessary – with bitcoins. This simple words are very importants to understand the new Brazilian era ´open to the world´. Bitcoins had became in the last year not in a saving method as its theorical defenders said but in a way to evade international law transactions. In a way it is the legalization of the reasons why Lula was in prision. All the democrats presidents from Latin America are bitcoins defenders because of this side. In November, Argentina will be by first time a campus for Bitcoin international conference where governors from all the continent will impulse their cities as intelligent ones, it is, El Salvador way.

Minimum Salary in Brazil is about two hundred dollars, not enough to pay a year at school or a month in university. Hospitals have been really destroyed and replaced by failing teleconferences systems, the same way it is happening in the USA where nurses strike every week. They have been impulsed in last years hundred of strikes, especially in the automobile industry. Lula´s unions trades friends were the way not to make of Brazil a general strike by the excuse that it could became in a civil war. Now, the first offensive will come from Bolsonarists.

Joe Stephen*
In exclusive for 1917