Sri Lanka | The fallen of a bidenist.

This article tries not to repeat the simple analysis that left sides journals public on their sites at this hot days taking up temperature through the Sri Lankan revolution. In fact, every national politic crisis becomes today in an international chess movement around the TANO´s war.

In general terms Sri Lanka had become in a global trending emerging country after its economic crisis in 2001. With an strategic geopraphy, its ports conects ´the indias´ with the rest of the world trade. It´s been that port the centre of its historic politic and when Ïndia got free from England in 1948 the first independient flag in the island was ubicated looking at the sea as a sign of freedom. All around its history, Sri Lankers should fight against big countries trying the conquer the port, it was Netherlads in 1600, England during the last two centuries and nowadays they are the USA and China the nations that compete for its monopoly. The international herald is saying today that the roots of the crisis come from deficits chinese inversions. In trust, Sri Lanka has a debt from about 51 millions dollars in which 80 percent becomes to the IMF. China had tried to emerge as a saver potence, a politic that develops all aroud the world, for example in Brasil and Argentina with the denominated Swaps.

Gotobaya Rajapakso is a late bidenist sopourter. He was part of the last imperialism strategy to conserve in the Sri Lanka power. In fact, the Rajapakso family instaured the elections in the Island afther its triumph in the civil war agaisnt the Tamile Tigers in 2009, the tamils minory army, a society with more than three thousand years habitating the island and today the only guerriller army that has its air force in the world. Tha tamils zones had been historically agricultor dedicated and Rajapakso had comprometed an ecological rural system. The conclusion of that was the real extinction of rural develop economy and the devolution to rural primitivity all around the island. While Sri Lanka capital city produced textils to export Europe the rest of the cities came in hunger while their old tamils dirigents were executed. European, chinese and American banks had spined since 2001 more than its 51 thousand millions dollars to theirs own cities. The cities far from the centre have lived on permanents rebelions during the last century and today the alimentary crisis has arrived to the capital too, where a new mass of proletarians live in real indigence. The movement gave its first steps during big strikes in 2017 after the filmed execution of seventeen sindicalists. It´s a particular cultural national working class that had conquered its own education and health. We are really in a new era of the country.

The real (real) hard politic comes from international analysis. Here in the USA the Right media is showing the protests as saying: look at Sri Lanka, ¿can´t we do that against Joe Biden? Many alternative medias tell that a group of soilders got free the president mansions leting the manifestants going in. In fact, the politic crisis of the ukranian world war is knocking Sri Lanka´s door. On a side, the Biden´s goverment has its allyes but it´s not true that all the Nato is under his desings and a big group of dirigents see the possibility of using the war to take primacy iniciative. We say, the Nato shows as one in Moscow´s door but american politic system is in a cruel crisis and also exists the possibility of the extension of the war in American land, a burguesy civil war without the participations of the working class (at lest nowadays). In every situation, the national american crisis appears and today there is not agreement about a definite solution in Sri Lanka. The revolution has destroyed imperialist politics. Let´s remember that a week ago also de Israel´s politic system feel in default copying the american situation. China will try to to win a place in the crisis, the same that the European Union. Sri Lanka not only has petrol on its territory but it is an estrategic zone for oil trades.

The comprehension of this situation should be crucial for Sri Lankers protesters but, in the end, we may say that it´s not people in history that adapts to the up politic crisis. Instead of that, it´s politic crisis that tries to adapt a way against insurrected people. Like dominoes, nations will take the Sri Lanka way. In a general view, international workers are giving their first steps against the war.

Joe Stephen
*In exclusive for 1917.